VACB + Virginia 1st 2024 IT Forum 

Offered Quarterly for 2024

What the IT Forum Will Provide Members

Enrollment in the VACB / Virginia 1st IT Forum will consist of the following benefits: 
Quarterly Seminars - We will hold quarterly meetings featuring top industry speakers addressing timely and relevant topics along with ample networking opportunities

IT Portal - Enrollees of the IT Forum will have year-round access to robust and timely job aids and other documents crucial to their roles at their financial institution.

Working Groups & Peer Discussions - Enrollees will have the ability to join working groups & peer discussions to work collaboratively on topics and issues that will benefit the group as a whole.

Program Flexibility - Enrollment in the IT Forum is for the bank and any and all staff are welcome and encouraged to attend the quarterly sessions based on the topics presented.

Strategic Updates - Enrolled members will receive access to Virginia 1st’s updates which provide great resources, articles and other documents relevant to IT, cyber and disaster preparedness and recovery.

Attendees - The focus of this program is in the IT/Cyber area of the bank but because IT & cyber are bank-wide it may be beneficial to offer the IT Forum to additional employees when session topics relate directly to their roles at the bank.

2024 IT Forum Meeting Dates:
              • First Quarter - March 27
              • Second Quarter - June 5
              • Third Quarter - September 11
              • Fourth Quarter - December 11
2024 Program Fees

For banks/companies enrolled in the IT Forum the price of the program is $500 per year.

Quarterly Seminars: IT Forum enrolled members send the FIRST registration from the bank as PART OF THE ENROLLMENT and additional staff from the same bank/company pay $75 for each additional registrant from the same bank.

Get signed up for the 2024 IT Forum HERE

See the March 27th program agenda & get registered HERE