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In-Person Meeting

Second Quarter Compliance Forum - Central

Second Quarter Compliance Forum Meeting - Richmond

Tuesday, May 14, 2024
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM (EDT)

Event Details

Compliance Lawsuits Update

  1. Community Reinvestment Act Modernization – Where are We? 
  2. Update on DFA Sections 1071 and 1033
  3. BSA Beneficial Ownership Lawsuits

Compliance Hot Spots

  1. Cybersecurity Challenges
  2. FRB Consumer Compliance Outlook Priorities and 2024 Consumer Compliance Outlook
  3. CFPB 2023 Consumer Response Annual Report 
  4. FDIC Publishes Spring 2024 Consumer Compliance Supervisory Highlights 
  5. CFPB Latest Compliance Supervisory Highlights – Mortgage Servicing
  6. OCC Semiannual Risk Perspective
  7. Private Flood Insurance Policies – FRB Consumer Compliance Outlook 2024

Fair Lending Continues as High Priority

  1. HUD Awards over $30 million under its Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP)
  2.  Latest DOJ Redlining Initiatives and Focal Points
  3. FFIEC New Exam Principles on Valuation Discrimination and Bias in Residential Lending
  4.  DOJ, CFPB and FTC Annual Reports to Congress on ECOA Enforcement

White House, FTC and CFPB Continue Scope Creep on Junk Fees Initiatives

  1. CFPB’s Price Complexity Analyses 
  2. CFPB Bans Excessive Credit Card Late Fees and Focusing on Mortgage Fees
  3. CFPB Guidance to Rein in Rigged Comparison-Shopping Results 
  4. New White House Strike Force for Competition and Junk Fees Announced

Bank Secrecy Act and Fraud

  1. FDIC FIL-15-2024 re: Customer Identification Program (CIP) Rule
  2.  FinCEN Requests Comments on TIN Collection Under CIP Rule
  3. FinCEN Notice of Appeal Regarding the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) 
  4. FinCEN Financial Trend Analysis on Elder Financial Exploitation
  5. FBI 2023 Elder Fraud Report

Enforcement Action Trends 

Watching the Horizon for Upcoming Concerns

For More Information:

Katharine C. Garner
Katharine C. Garner
VACB (804)673-8250

About Our Presenter

Patti Joyner is a dynamic speaker and leader with strong, intuitive management skills, and a deep conviction that "excellence is not optional." She has extensive experience in working with financial institutions, bank data processors and governmental agencies. Patti has more that 40 years of experience in the financial industry as an entrepreneur and financial institution executive. She is a certified CPA, skilled regulatory compliance consultant, bank operations specialist, system automation designer and an enthusiastic regulatory compliance instructor who believes in providing real-world solutions ready for immediate implementation.