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Retail Banking Leadership Series - Session 3

Retail Banking Leadership Series - Session 3

Details for Session 3 of our Retail Banking Leadership Series

Tuesday, October 15, 2024
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)

Event Details

2024 Retail Banking Leadership Series | Session 3 | October 15

Serving with Excellence and Growing the Bank

The session focuses on the Retail Leader’s role in building client loyalty and growing the bank.

The agenda includes:

  • How Today’s Customer Experience is Changing
  • Building Client Loyalty in a New Age
  • Leading a Culture Committed to Service and Growth
  • Holding Productive Team Meetings
  • Providing “WOW!” Service
  • Deepening and Expanding Client Relationships
  • Building Community and Networking for Results
  • Business and Develop Planning:  Putting Learning to Action

For More Information:

Katharine C. Garner
Katharine C. Garner
VACB (804)673-8250

Retail Banking Leadership Series Overview

VACB, In association with Performance Solutions, Inc., Drexler Consulting, LLC is excited to again present one of our legacy programs, Retail Banking Leadership Series (formerly known as the Branch Management Series), updated for 2024.  

Benefits of the Series:  

Interact, network, and learn from the experience other retail bankers   
Create and execute an effective retail business plan
Implement a plan for your continued growth and development that is aligned with your manager’s and bank’s goals
Effectively communicate vision, purpose, strategies, and consequences for your team
Define and implement a culture of success
Understand how to relate to others more effectively
Build quality relationships and get important tasks done
Effectively address underperformers
Hire, promote, and retain the best
Build client loyalty and grow the bank
Streamline compliance requirements and retail operations
Better address conflict with others and manage stress
And much more!